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Neo-Fusion Marker Lights:
The Style Is In The Details

Signal Hill, CA July 6, 2016 – Ken’s Factory Neo-Fusion marker lights shine with detail where style isn’t always found

“Details Create Style” are the words that Ken’s Factory lives by. It is this brand philosophy that ensures that an often overlooked fringe part of the motorcycle is used to truly express flare – the smallest of the exterior lights on the bike; the marker lights.

Ken’s Factory Neo-Fusion lights are a three-wire lighting system that can be used for marker lights or even turn-signals as well. And for “show bikes and off-road applications only,” they can also be used as a taillight. Featuring an amber lens, they are available in 4 finish treatments:

  • Black housing with black ring
  • Black housing with brass ring
  • Polished housing with brass ring
  • Polished housing with polished ring
These products are in stock now at Ken’s Factory USA and can be bought directly online on the Ken’s Factory website:

For more information please contact
Nelson Kanno
(562) 597-5666
1881 Obispo Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755

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July 06, 2016 — Anthony William Scout Underwood