Signal Hill, CA September 14, 2016 – Ken’s Factory 5-Spoke Motor Dress Up Series

Details Create Style and consistency keeps style. In the spirit of this, Ken Nagai lead designer, owner and operator of Ken’s Factory has brought together this series of three head-turning powertrain dress up products.  

The 5-Spoke Derby Cover got a facelift to have more detail and match the other two developments

  • 8-922 5-Spoke Derby Cover, 5-Hole, Polished
  • 8-923 5-Spoke Derby Cover, 5-Hole, Black/Machine Cut

The popular 5-Spoke Intake kept the same design to be the aesthetic benchmark for the 5-spoke series

  • 6-201 5-Spoke Intake, Polished, TC, Super E,CV,HD EFI
  • 6-203 5-Spoke Intake, Black/Machine, TC, Super E,CV,HD EFI

The 5-Spoke Points Cover is newly released to fully bring the power of three to the powertrain

  • 8-909 5 Spoke Points Cover, Polished
  • 8-910 5 Spoke Points Cover, Black

These components are designed to harmonized together and turn heads as they feature some of the most intricate production machine work seen in the industry. It is the tiny details like this that leave large impressions. Be known for an attention to detail, a noble merit.

These products are in stock now at Ken’s Factory USA and can be bought directly online on the Ken’s Factory website:



For more information, please contact
(562) 597-5666

1881 Obispo Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755



Download the image and text assets here

November 10, 2016 — Anthony William Scout Underwood