The Details

Ken Nagai

World-Class Award-Winner

How would I describe my three decades of involvement in American custom motorcycles and muscle cars?


  1. Detailed

  2. Creative

  3. Stylish

Even from my beginnings as a master mechanic, I have always been energized by good design.

Progressively over the years, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build several dozen custom motorcycles for the finest patrons in the world. Because of the creative liberty that my clients give me, I have been fortunate enough to be recognized, invited, and win motorcycle design competitions all over the planet.

With this experience and witnessing detail and craftsmanship at its finest, I am continually inspired to push the art form. I want to thank the finest designers on earth for inspiring me to take our craft to the Next Level. I hope I do the same, and we push limits together.


What's in it for you?

Extreme quality, style and mystique.

My team and I are constantly striving to only bring world-class motorcycle parts into the industry and right to your customized motorcycle. Details Create Style - this is something we believe in at Ken’s Factory. We make our runs of components to please the motorcycle enthusiast who appreciates and invests in the nuances of good design.

We hope the people around you turn their heads twice or scratch them in awe, when beholding your bike with our parts on it.

-Ken Nagai

Details Create Style