It got its name as a supercharged hot rod bike, yet it has one of our custom girder front ends borrowed from a past chopper era, hard bags and fairing like a touring bike. The bags were made slim to cut through traffic and the frame is reminiscent of an FXR, a sport touring bike. So its a Hard Call on what to label it. 

A bit of a styling exercise and design concept, Hard Call was put together in about a year. Just for strict Japanese DMV legalities, the bike does have a 2008 FLHX VIN so it can stay registered as an H-D. Nothing on this bike was left stock though. 

Download high resolution Hard Call photos by clicking here.


  • Owner- Ken’s Factory
  • Year/Make/Model- 2008 FLHX 
  • Fabrication- Ken’s Factory 
  • Build Time – About one year 

Engine- H-D
  • Year/Type/Size- HD 108”
  • Builder- Ken’s Factory
  • Cases- HD
  • Cylinders- HD 
  • Heads- HD
  • Rocker Boxes- Ken’s Factory
  • Cams- S&S 
  • Throttle Body- Ken’s Factory 
  • Air Cleaner- Ken’s Factory, one-off 
  • EFI Controller- ThunderMax 
  • Exhaust- Ken’s Factory, one-off 
  • Super Charger: Eaton M62

Transmission- HD
  • Year/Type- 2008 FLHX 
  • Gears- 6
  • Clutch- N-Power
  • Primary Drive- N-Power 

  • Year/Type- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Rake/Stretch- 44-degree rake, no stretch

Suspension- Ken’s Factory Girder, one-off with Ohlins Shock
  • Frontend 
  • Length- 4” over
  • Triple Trees- 
  • Swingarm- Ken’s Factory, one-off 
  • Rear Shocks- Ohlins

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
  • Builder/Size- Ken’s Factory, 23”x 3.75”
  • Tire/Size- 120/60-23
  • Calipers- Brembo
  • Rotors- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Builder/Size- 18” x5.5”
  • Tire/Size- 180/55-18
  • Caliper- Brembo
  • Rotor- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Pulley- Ken’s Factory, one-off

  • Manufacturer- Nomad Concepts
  • Colors- Burnt Red and Bold Gold
  • Paint/Graphics- Nomad Concepts
  • Plating/Polishing- Ken’s Factory
  • Powdercoating- N/A

  • Front Fender- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Rear Fender- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Gas Tank- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Dash- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Gauges - Motogadget/ Blitz
  • Handlebars- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Grips- Ken’s Factory, Ribbed Dimpled
  • Mirrors- none
  • Hand Controls 
  • Foot Controls- Ken’s Factory, Ribbed Dimpled 
  • Floorboards- none
  • Headlight- V-Rod
  • Taillight - Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Turn Signals- Ken’s Factory
  • License Mount- Ken’s Factory, one-off
  • Seat- Ken’s Factory
  • Stereo- none
  • Amplifier- none
  • Speakers- none